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The outstanding
success of 2005

Making your slimming dreams a reality!

Working towards your ideal shape should be a positive enjoyable process: one, which produces real, noticeable results. Using YouSlim as part of a well thought out plan will virtually guarantee you the success you desire, helping you to turn your dreams of a slimmer, healthier” new you” into a reality developed by some of the UK’s top scientists, YouSlim is revolutionary - there is nothing else like it in the marketplace. It offers a proven and effective way to help you manage your weight successfully.

YouSlim is totally natural, safe and drug-free: combining vitamins, minerals and extract of seaweed in a formula, which actively works to reduce your cravings. These natural ingredients also work to boost the immune system and a prebiotic helps stimulate friendly bacteria in the gut – it is actually very good for you!

Make the decision to include YouSlim in your weight loss plan today – it will be a decision you’ll never regret!
Fully Automatic Digital Blood Monitor

Whether you suffer from blood pressure problems, worry about the stress in your life, or simply want to ensure you're within a healthy range then our fully automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is for you.

Simple to use with self-grip inflatable cuff designed to ensure that your reading are taken at the same level as your heart. Provides both blood pressure and pulse readings.
Give yourself complete peace of mind.
Facial Muscle Toner

Use the principles of faradic muscle stimulation to improve the appearance of your facial muscles. Our Muscle Toner help your muscles retain their youthful elasticity and appearance by nourishing the cells whilst disposing of harmful toxic substances.

Why not treat yourself to the opportunity to look and feel years younger!
Split-Ends Trimmer

Fed up with split ends and having to pay someone else to deal with them? Why not put an end to split ends with this simple and effective Split Ends Trimmer?

This cordless trimmer only splits split ends leaving your hair stronger, longer and healthier. You know you're worth it!
Make your Financial Dreams a Reality!
Some of the Benefits of working with us:
Work from your own home
Set your own hours and income
Develop a good second or first income
Lose the daily commute - less stress and no 9-5 routine
No targets to meet, work at your own pace
Earn an income no matter your personal, financial or physical background
No major set-up costs
Simple start-up and income opportunity
Choose who you work with
Develop an income from Home Shopping, Internet Shopping or Telecoms
Full on-going Training & Support at no extra cost
Un-restricted Earnings
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